Faking Your Dating Profile Makes It Harder to Find Love


We’re obviously not the only ones who believe this. After all, we’re building an entire dating app around the idea of sharing our various social profiles to reinforce our honesty and authenticity. Still, it’s always nice to hear others articulate it as well.

The latest comes from Katy Franklin over at Elite Daily. She takes the tough love approach and admonishes her female readers for putting up “ridiculous, misleading pictures”. She chides that “it only makes you look desperate” and “it makes you look deceptive and un-trustworthy.”

While we might not adopt her tone of voice, we otherwise completely agree with her powerful concluding sentiment:

Self-confidence. Self-respect. Self-awareness. Own who you are. Own it all. Put yourself, your real self out there and see what happens. Showcase all of that, and I guarantee you’ll get better results.

Read her complete article replete with animated gifs to slam home the point here.

Own who you are, get Akin:


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