Every Adventure Begins Somewhere…

...and our's begins here.
…and our’s begins here.

Akin is a new mobile dating app we’re building for busy white-collar professionals.

In other words, Akin isn’t for everyone.

It won’t match everyone’s needs; it won’t cater to everyone’s habits; and it won’t fit every situation.

But when it comes to meeting new people, developing meaningful relationships, and living life without regrets, Akin does reflect five core values.

Core Values

  1. Share who we are, because earning another person’s trust means giving some.
  2. Learn about others, because truly connecting with others requires understanding them.
  3. Decide responsibly, because there is so much to experience and life is too short to waste.
  4. Act with earnest, because sincerity and authenticity matters more than perfect execution.
  5. Enjoy serendipity, because wonderful things don’t always happen according to plans.

Akin is for our peers, whom we can relate to and empathize with, and who nod enthusiastically to the above. Through exhaustive research, we’ve carefully designed it to facilitate and deliver five key benefits.

Key Benefits

  1. Professional Authentication
  2. Exchanging Social Profiles
  3. Vetting Before Connecting
  4. Interacting After Matching
  5. Seizing Each Opportunity

Please visit each link to learn more and let us know what you think. We’re committed to helping our peers find and form real relationships, but we won’t get everything right, much less for everyone. We need your feedback, as our peers, to help us realize these values and benefits.

We’ve just spent three weeks feverishly designing and programming our initial alpha version. There remains functionality and features that are incomplete, but it’s almost ready to help us test our basic premise and value proposition.

You can help us by signing up for Akin’s alpha test below. If you don’t immediately get an invite, you’ll still have a chance to join our beta test next month, and be among the first to know when Akin is officially launched to the public.

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