Richer, More Attractive Dating Profiles Have Arrived!

Ahoy, there! It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a new Memo. We’ve been so busy working on improving Akin that we’ve gone a bit radio silent. Let’s catch up, shall we?

About ten days ago, we released significant changes to the Akin user experience that we expect to be major improvements for everyone. While most of you have already noticed them, we’d still like to take a moment to share our thoughts and then tease our next major release!

Richer, More Attractive Dating Profiles

Dating involves learning about each other to determine attraction, compatibility, and potential for a romantic relationship. We of course care about each other’s looks, but a successful relationship is ultimately built on knowing, understanding, and accepting each other for who we are.

Previously, Akin helped us get to know each other by connecting us to each other’s public social profiles. Now, dating profiles on Akin feature our choice of public photos, details, and insights sourced directly from our social media profiles.

The goal?

To immediately and reliably get a better sense of each other’s interests, character, and personality… and see if something stirs our heart into tapping that “Like” button.

How to Upgrade Our Dating Profiles

First, let’s make sure we have the latest version of Akin installed. Update here:


Next, we connect our established social media profiles to Akin, whether they be LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram (more coming soon, promise!). Akin will then import the information we’ve made public. These include interesting facts about us such as what languages we can speak, what religion we subscribe to, and what our favorite TV shows, movies, and music are.

How Our Dating Profiles Affect Our Experience

Improving our dating profiles also intelligently affects two other aspects of our Akin dating experience:

  1. The dating profiles suggested to us.
  2. How our profile is suggested to others.

Over time, it’ll become increasingly apparent that what we share about ourselves influences what others will share with us. Dating profiles that are more attractive because they are richer with details that other people find helpful in learning about us will be prioritized.

To put it simply, attractive dating profiles will attract other attractive dating profiles. We’re not talking about our looks; we’re talking about sharing who we are so we can learn about each other to make decisions about compatibility and connection.

This is what we believe is “honest dating”.

This is what we want for ourselves and each other.

What’s Coming Next?

Akin’s next major improvement–that we’re furiously working on—is designed to help us find matches sooner!

That’s all we can share at this point and, as usual, please reach out with an email or a comment below with any thoughts and feedback you might have.

Akin as a dating app is always going to be a community we build together.

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