Alpha Released


Yay! We’ve released our very first external alpha testing version for both Android and iOS. The first group of testers (thanks, guys!) have already been notified via email and are trickling in.

How to Download

Android: Please visit the special Google Play testing link provided to you. As long as your Google Play account email ID has been authorized to participate in the test, you should be able to download the app.

iOS: Apple users need to complete an extra step before they can access an app undergoing testing. Please first download Apple’s TestFlight app. Then follow the instructions provided to you by Apple in the TestFlight email invite you’ve received.

What to Expect

We’ll be introducing alpha testers into the app gradually in groups. If you’ve agreed to particiapte but haven’t received an invite, you should receive one soon. If you’d like to participate, please sign up here.

We plan on testing over the next month into mid-December. Throughout this time, new versions fixing bugs and adding features will be releasd regularly. You should get notifications of each new version, and we thank you for updating the app each time to give us your feedback on the changes. We need all of your help to not only identify if our changes are improvements, but also if the overall concept of our app is sound.

How to Test

Note that you will only receive up to five potential matches each day that may be influenced by your time, location, and personal preferences. You may enter the app and see no suggestions at first.

For the full experience, please expand your age preferences and set your gender preferences to “both” during the testing period. Reopen the app and experience it across several days so you can see the changes in potential matches suggested to you each day.

Other than that, please use the app you normally might. Add some additional photos of yourself, connect your Facebook account, unlock the social accounts of anyone who looks interesting to you (not necessarily romantically!), pass and like.

Feedback Form

Please do not hesitate to communicate any questions or tinformal feedback you have about Akin, either directly to us in person, through the comments form below on our site, or via the feedback email provided through Google or Apple.

That said, we will regularly solicit formal feedback through a brief feedback form after the release of each testing version. This form is also embedded below for your convenience. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to complete them for us to help us identify what is working and what isn’t. Cheers.

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