Happy Holidays and a Preview of What’s to Come!

The past month has been a wild ride.

Every day, we’ve interviewed users, collected feedback, and analyzed statistics to figure out if we’re on the right path with Akin. What do and don’t people like? We continuously questions ourselves and remind ourselves of our vision and values with every decision we make.

We not only need to develop a product that enough people want to use, we also have to get it in front of those people so they have a chance of discovering it. That means we not only do we have to make the tree that falls in the forest, we also have to make sure there’s someone there to hear it. When it comes to business, both challenges have to be overcome.

Thank you all for giving Akin a try, for telling us what you think, and for supporting us on this adventure (including Google!).


We’ll be releasing some big improvements to Akin before the end of the year, inspired by much of the feedback we’ve received from our most faithful community members. While we wish we could send you some real gifts this holiday season, a frank preview of what to expect is all we can muster this time around:

  • Height Information: Particularly important for many ladies who prefer guys taller than themselves.
  • Better Daily Suggestions: We’re going to prioritize suggesting the profiles of users who embrace Akin’s values of sharing about ourselves and learning about others.
  • Better Social Profile Previews: Currently Akin displays how many connections, friends, or followers someone has on those social networks. Moving forward, we’ll surface interesting tidbits that they’ve made public, such as their interests and likes, so we can all show and see more personality in an authentic way.
  • Special Surprise for Ladies Only: We want to make sure women have enough access to the information they need to feel as safe and comfortable as possible before liking any person they see on Akin.

For Akin’s iPhone users, thank you for your patience. We know you guys haven’t experienced the changes Android users have been enjoying, and we’re doing everything we can to get new releases out faster on Apple’s App Store.

Please continue to give us feedback, whether it be on our website in the comments, through our contact form, or inside Akin by contacting support from the Settings screen. Our team appreciates hearing from and interacting with all of you.

Happy Holidays. 🙂

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