Photos and Profiles and Credits! Oh My!


Ten days of testing have gone by and we thank all of our alpha testers for their generous help and detailed feedback. Our iOS alpha testers have been particularly patient with a number of persistent “area isn’t supported” bugs.

Through your feedback, we’ve identified many things that need better explanation. We’re going to start with Photos, Social Profiles, and Credits. What are they and how do they work?

While we improve how these features are introduced and explained in the app, we want to immediately give everyone more information.

One Photo At a Time

Akin shows one full-screen photo for each person each time they are suggested. When you add more photos to your account, each different photo allows you to be suggested to other members of the community an extra time. You’ll reappear after they’ve seen all the other people meeting their preferences in their area, but with a different photo, giving you another opportunity to catch their eye.

We believe everyone deserves a second chance. Every day, we cross paths with so many people. How many times have we passed the same people but didn’t notice them? What if we notice them the next time simply because they’re wearing something more to our tastes? Or simply because we’re in a different mood?

People change over time, whether it be our looks, attitudes, or preferences. The person who didn’t pique our interest yesterday may pique our interest tomorrow, when the sun hits them just right, because they’ve chosen to smile at us, or we happen to catch them laughing and it’s adorable.

Vetting Social Profiles

We connect social profiles because they are more authentic. They aren’t perfect of course, and yet they are more reflective of who we actually are than any dating profile we can write up when we’re trying to impress each other.

We know what’s important to us for there to be true relationship potential. So we want to be sure the other person shares our values and is the type of person we want in our lives. That’s why we vet each other’s social profiles. We want to learn about each other’s personality and character before making the decision to connect. We invest a bit of time and energy now to avoid wasting much more time and energy down the road.

Vetting now to save possible awkwardness and heartache later is also worth a reasonable investment of money. It should also be more cost-efficient than going out for a drink or a meal. Therefore, unlocking another person’s social profile costs 200 credits, or currently 100 credits for testers. We get access to discover what we have in common, where we differ, and whether that matters to us.

At the same time, when we vet, we’re also communicating to the other person that who they are–and not just how they look–is something we care about.

Getting More Credits

Everyone joins Akin with 1000 credits automatically. We can obtain additional credits either through in-app purchase or by contributing to the community in the following ways:

  • Logging In: Each day we open Akin to check our suggested potential matches, we receive additional credits.
  • Connecting Profiles: Connecting additional social profiles making them available to those interested in us earns credits.
  • Being Vetted: We also earn credits whenever someone unlocks one of our social profiles to get to know us better.
  • Inviting Others: When we share Akin with others and they redeem our invite code, both of us get more credits.

Three of the above methods have not yet been implemented, but will be before the end of our testing period.

We’re open to introducing new ways, as long as they grow the Akin community in a healthy way and encourage the community to date each other safely, intelligently, and responsibly.

Questions? Suggestions? Ideas?

Feel free to contact us or share them below as a reply to this Memo!

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