5 Basic Online Dating Profile Photo Tips

When we join any dating app, our goal is to meet each other, interest each other, and match with each other romantically.

With Akin, we want to do all this in a more honest, trustworthy, and thus confident way.

The first thing other people see when our Akin dating profile is suggested to them is a full-screen photo.

1. Use a Photo of Yourself

It’s normal to be shy when it comes to introducing ourselves to others, but connecting with each other means getting to know each other, not hiding from each other. Your Akin dating profile is first and foremost about featuring you, not your pet, car, or house.

Because many of us have some insecurities about our physical appearance, simply being comfortable with yourself and how you look can be incredibly attractive on its own.

2. Use a Photo of Just Yourself

Using a group photo for your dating profile makes it difficult for others to know which person is actually you. Confusing and frustrating people doesn’t make them inclined to like you. They may conclude you must be the ugliest one in the photo, that you lack self-esteem, or are simply deceptive.

All of this hurts your chances of getting a match.

3. Use a Photo that Shows Your Face

Don’t use photos with your back turned to the camera, or distant shots where your face is a small splotch of pixels. Avoid photos of you wearing sunglasses or where objects are covering your face.

If you can’t be recognized in the photo, it isn’t helpful for whoever is looking at your dating profile. Your face may not win everyone over, but no face won’t win anyone over.

For both men and women, use the above balance of face and body in your dating profile photos to improve your results.

4. Use a Photo that Shows More Than Just Your Face

A photo with too much face can be just as bad as a photo with too little face. You don’t want to look like your head is about to burst through the screen. Pull back a bit to show both your head and shoulders, or further to show the upper half of your body.

If you zoom out to show your entire body, a good rule-of-thumb to avoid becoming unrecognizable is to make sure your body is still at least 1/3 of the visible photo.

5. Use More Photos to See Which Work Best

You can add up to nine photos on Akin. Every photo you add increases your chances of being suggested to other people on Akin, getting noticed, and potentially connecting through a like and then a match.

Pick up to nine different photos of yourself to see which photos bring you the best results.

Note: Photos on Akin that do not feature you will be deleted. If the only photo on your account is deleted, your account will be deactivated until you add another photo. A deactivated account is not suggested to other users, will not receive likes, and thus cannot be matched with others. If you notice any photos that do not feature the owner of the account, please help the community by reporting them so they can be removed.

More Tips Coming Soon!

We’re just getting started! Akin Memos will regularly feature additional tips and tricks, not just for adding great dating profile photos but also how to use Akin to maximize the attractiveness of your dating profile overall. What’s that saying? Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity?

Akin will help you the latter two.

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