Using Social Media For More Attractive Dating Profiles

Akin mixes technology and community as a dating app to reward honesty and discourage dishonesty in online dating.

We use our existing profiles from popular social networking and social media services to verify, vet, and vouch for who we are.

We also build our dating profiles on Akin with our social profiles to show each other a fuller, more attractive picture of who we are in daily life. Every social profile we connect helps each other get insights into what we like, what we value, and what we seek.

Different Social Profiles Show Different Sides of Who We Are

  • LinkedIn most typically reflects our professional interests and career ambitions.
  • Facebook is where many of us share our hobbies, activities, and thoughts on life.
  • Instagram shares glimpses of our lives or our photographic and artistic tastes.

Social Profiles with More Connections Are More Trustworthy

We are not just potential boyfriends and girlfriends; we are also someone’s son, daughter, friend, family, subbordinate, or boss.

Therefore, how we present and conduct ourselves in front of the many other people in our lives is also important.

Our personality, character, and identity is the sum total of all the different roles we play integrated into all our various social relationships. Every connection, friend, or follower on our social profile is someone who trusts us. Their trust in us helps us earn more trust.

Add Actively Used Social Profiles To Improve

The most attractive dating profiles on Akin feature details about us imported from our most established and active social profiles. It could be our occupation from our LinkedIn profile with over 200 business connections, a list of our favorite bands from our Facebook profile with over 500 friends accumulated since college, or our latest stunning photos from our popular Instagram account with over 1000 followers from around the world.

Each of these bits of information about ourselves accepted by the people connected to us is an opportunity for us to attract attention, curiosity, and interest. We may discover common ground or just admire each other for our differences. Often, it isn’t the bit of information that is attractive by itself, it’s that we confidently welcomed others to get to know us as we are.

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